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Welcome to Motwani
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With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Motwani is at the forefront of laser vision correction and performs some of the most groundbreaking refractive surgeries in the world today. He has perfected the new Contoura technology to be more effective than any other vision correction modality.

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Offering world-class LASIK surgery and vision correction services in SAN DIEGO.

Dr. Motwani’s office boasts state-of-the-art technology and a welcoming atmosphere, providing top-notch LASIK care.

Types of Laser Vision Correction Treatments

contoura lasik institute san diego

Contoura™ Vision LASIK

Our Wavelight Contoura Topographic Guided Laser System, using the LYRA Protocol, is revolutionizing vision correction. We can now create eyes with the potential to be better than the normal human eye.

PRK eye surgery in san diego

PRK Eye Surgery

PRK is a laser correction procedure where the surface skin is removed to reshape the cornea. It’s a good option for patients who don’t want a corneal flap, have thinner corneas, or require a special procedure due to past surgery, disease, or trauma.

TransPRK lasik san diego

TransPRK and EPI Lasik

We offer a specialized version of PRK called Transepithelial PRK (TransPRK) is just as effective as LASIK in correcting your vision and also EPI-lasik; it’s a variation of PRK whereby the epithelium is removed as a continuous sheet, using a mechanical instrument called an epi-keratome.

modified lasik correction san diego,ca

Modified Monovision Lasik

By carefully balancing the difference between the two eyes, this procedure allows the brain to neuro-adapt and regain depth perception. Recent studies have shown its effectiveness.


Discover Your Savings with Motwani LASIK

Why Choose Motwani LASIK Institute

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LASIK cost is a common concern for patients. Prices vary based on technology. Dr. Motwani invests in precise and safe lasers. LASIK is a good investment compared to lifetime glasses and contacts costs. Patients often regret not doing it sooner. Schedule a consultation to learn about LASIK benefits and costs.

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  • Pricing for LASIK surgery varies based on the technology used
  • Dr. Motwani invests in the latest, safest, and most precise lasers for better results
  • LASIK is a great investment for health and quality of life
  • Many patients wish they had done LASIK sooner

Dr. Motwani provides all-laser, blade-free LASIK personalized to each patient’s needs. Factors like refractive errors, health, lifestyle, and profession are taken into account. The majority of his patients achieve 20/20 vision or better.

With advanced technology and skill, Dr. Motwani lowers LASIK risks and complications.

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  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's visual needs.
  • Consideration of various factors, such as refractive errors, health, and lifestyle.
  • High success rate of achieving 20/20 vision or better.
  • Lowered LASIK risks and complications with advanced technology and skill.

Dr. Motwani is a renowned San Diego LASIK surgeon with 17+ years of experience. He uses multiple new technology to perform any lasik correction or eye surgery. Dr. Motwani specializes in laser reconstructive repair for eyes damaged by surgery, disease, or trauma. He has published research that sets new standards in surgical education and is used by Alcon WaveLight.

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  • Dr. Motwani uses the most effective vision correction modality
  • He is the only LASIK center on the West Coast performing KAMRA Corneal Inlay
  • Dr. Motwani specializes in laser reconstructive repair for damaged eyes
  • His research sets new standards in surgical education


Happy patients in 25 years
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What our customers are
saying about us

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As a member of the San Diego Padres, good vision is crucial to my success on the field. The decision to have laser surgery was not easy for me, but after listening to many praises from friends who had used your services, I was convinced it was right for me. I am still amazed that one day after the procedure, I was able to play catch without any problems or discomfort.

Stan Spencer

Former San Diego Padres player
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I want to express my thanks to you and your staff for the excellent care that I received at Cornea Revolution. The entire process was smooth and easy right from the start. Everyone was very helpful in making me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. I am amazed at how much my vision is improved, and I look forward to playing baseball this season with my “new eyes.”

Chris Gomez

Former San Diego Padres player
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Dr. Motwani – you really are a genius! You accomplished what others told me could not be done with my eyes. I was extremely impressed with the passion you have for your profession.

Ted Tollner

Former Head Football Coach, San Diego State University
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