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modified lasik correction san diego,ca
September 28, 2020

Modified Monovision Lasik

By carefully balancing the difference between the two eyes, this procedure allows the brain to neuro-adapt and regain depth perception. Recent studies have shown its effectiveness.

TransPRK lasik san diego
September 24, 2020

TransPRK and EPI Lasik

We offer a specialized version of PRK called Transepithelial PRK (TransPRK) is just as effective as LASIK in correcting your vision and also EPI-lasik; it’s a variation of PRK whereby the epithelium is removed as a continuous sheet, using a mechanical instrument called an epi-keratome.

PRK eye surgery in san diego
September 24, 2020

PRK Eye Surgery

PRK is a laser correction procedure where the surface skin is removed to reshape the cornea. It’s a good option for patients who don’t want a corneal flap, have thinner corneas, or require a special procedure due to past surgery, disease, or trauma.

contoura lasik institute san diego
September 24, 2020

Contoura™ Vision LASIK

Our Wavelight Contoura Topographic Guided Laser System, using the LYRA Protocol, is revolutionizing vision correction. We can now create eyes with the potential to be better than the normal human eye.